Empowering positive human communication.

Digital Engagement, amplified.


Blue Panda offers contact centers cloud-based digital engagement that simplifies the
challenges of data management, employee retention, and customer satisfaction.





Communication is changing. Are you adapting?


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Learn how Blue Panda empowers emerging customer service teams just like yours with the cloud-based solution that brings all the pieces together inside one platform.


Complete transparency within outsourced services is just one imperative. Blue Panda understands and empowers BPO’s with multi-beneficial features that drive satisfaction.


Unique to eCommerce businesses, Blue Panda offers solutions that improve customer satisfaction rates while providing flexibility for your business.


Now your entire company can reap the benefits of a simpler, unique communication platform which exceeds expectations and drives results.

Why Blue Panda makes sense for today’s contact centers


Easy Authentication

Deploys quickly and easily. Easy authentication with AzureAD or Office 365 credentials.

Social Media

Multi-channel accessibility. First contact center platform optimized for inbound/outbound social media communication.

Skills based

Great for tracking and training. Skills based routing, queuing, compliance and recording.

Visual Workflow Builder

Simple workflow editing: Allows customer to visually build and edit simple or complex communications workflows for all types of communications and scripts.

Single Portal

Intelligent communication distribution and tracking. Maximize agenct efficiency and training while streamlining customer support and success.

Skills Based

Easy accessibility from multiple devises. Customers engage in which ever way is most convenient for them.

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