CoreInteract by Blue Panda is a fully functional Contact Center for Office365 Skype for Business. Incoming calls, instant messages and more are delivered by coreInteract. CoreInteract is 100% cloud based and hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Platform. It requires no onsite installations of servers or client software. The cloud based web portal has all the tools a customer would need to deliver a world class contact center for agents, supervisors and administrators.

Below are several screenshots of these tools and how they appear in the web portal.

First, the IVR Builder. CoreInteract is a skill based routing system. Administrators have the control to build inbound call and instant messaging flows, upload recorded messages, build queues and assign skills to Office365 users. Here is a look at a complex IVR created using the online IVR Builder. Notice from the left side, you simply select the actions you want in your call flow. After you have all your actions in place connect them together, save and go!

IVR Call Flow Builder

Second is the Activity Console. This is the portal where your agents sign into and are ready to receive calls. You’ll notice functions such as Hold, Record, Transfer and more. More importantly, you’ll notice Previous Customer Interactions. Here we keep a record of all your customer interactions and note taken per call. This can be integrated with many supported CRM tools like SalesForce and Microsoft CRM.

Core Interact Activity Console

The “Search” area allows you to search for previous communications, listen to recording. You can filter by Date, Agent, Queue or Endpoint.

CoreInteract Search

Lastly, for those who are more technically inclined, is a screen shot of coreInteracts ability to scale geographically. While setting up tenants in the system, you have the ability to choose which Microsoft Azure data center you would like to deploy your instance to! This applies globally and will increase performance as your users are able to connect to the application from one of Microsoft global facilities throughout the world. You will also notice the reseller settings below. We do offer an amazing residual commission program with no caps and no time restrictions for Microsoft Partners and independent sales professionals.

Azure Data Center