Recently in March, the Blue Panda team engaged in a successful day of service which produced stillborn baby blankets for the benefit of local hospitals. The effort was designed to benefit families in need, as they face an incredibly challenging time. It is estimated that 1%, or 24,000 of all pregnancies each year in the United States result in a stillborn birth. Stillbirth is birth of a baby born without any signs of life.

Partnering with Serving With Smiles, a non-profit organization which is committed to inspire and teach children compassion, hard work, leadership and gratitude by serving others with need. The combined efforts of all involved were able to make a positive impact while increasing awareness towards the challenge and misfortune of stillbirths.

By the conclusion of the day of service, the Blue Panda team had created close to a dozen blankets and then donated them to local hospitals.

“I think the day of service only goes to show the caliber of staff we have here at Blue Panda”, stated Mark Allen, CEO. “We know our employees are remarkably talented professionally, but to see them display good hearts while providing comfort for those in need was really inspiring.” Becky Williams, Chief of Staff, added “It was a great opportunity to make those blankets for the local hospitals. Not only did we surpass our goal of making 8 blankets, but we grew as a team as we gave back to the community we love.”

Because of the success of the project, Blue Panda plans to make the day of service an annual event. The event will likely always coincide with March 16th which is celebrated as the National Day of the Panda.

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