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Giving Back

Blue Panda gives back, donates blankets on National Panda Day

Recently in March, the Blue Panda team engaged in a successful day of service which produced stillborn baby blankets for the benefit of local hospitals. The effort was designed to benefit families in need, as they face an incredibly challenging time. It is estimated that 1%, or 24,000 of all pregnancies each year in the United States result in a stillborn birth. Stillbirth is birth of a baby born without any signs of life.

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Press Release

Blue Panda Communications Unveils Latest Version of CoreInteract

Blue Panda Communications, developer of CoreInteract, a Microsoft Azure-based digital engagement platform for contact centers, today announced an updated software version that delivers integration with Azure AI tools including Azure Cognitive Services. A Microsoft Co-Sell certified partner, Blue Panda continues to enable companies with their proprietary platform which delivers a superior yet elegant customer experience for contact centers worldwide. The announcement was made at the Microsoft Executive Industry Summit in Bellevue, Washington.

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Using Microsoft Office 365 to change the Call Center industry.

CoreInteract by Blue Panda is a fully functional Contact Center for Office365 Skype for Business. Incoming calls, instant messages and more are delivered by coreInteract. CoreInteract is 100% cloud based and hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Platform. It requires no onsite installations of servers or client software. The cloud based web portal has all the tools a customer would need to deliver a world class contact center for agents, supervisors and administrators.

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3 Things your potential partners don’t want you to ask.

Partnering can be a very important way to grow your business. Choosing the right partner can be the difference between growing your business and wasting everyone’s time and money. With Microsoft WPC around the corner, I thought this would be a good opportunity to open a discussion on how to find the best partners for your business. Below are my top 3 warning signs as you try to vet a new partner. Please add to this list in the comments section with your own.

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Cloud Concepts Part 1

Cloud Concepts: Phones vs. Unified Communications – Part 1

Sales people love to use buzz words to help them sell to a customer. In the business communications arena, the favorite buzz words are “Unified Communications” and “Cloud”. When I first meet with a customer, I like to spend time to help them understand what Cloud UC is and what Cloud UC is not. These subtle but critical differences are the difference between loving your service and waiting for depreciation so you can try again.

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