Empowering positive human communication.

Blue Panda Services

What Can Blue Panda do for your Contact Center?


Improve your workforce:

Our intuitive, intelligent platform ensures easy agent on-boarding and training, while maintaining a seamless customer experience.

Reduce Cost:

Learn how our simple SaaS per-seat pricing and deployment increases ROI.

Bolster Communication & Transparency:

Blue Panda provides full-featured contact center capability which enables your customers to contact you as THEY want to.

Blue Panda, Powered by Microsoft

CoreInteract, our Cloud-Based solution, is powered by Microsoft technology and grows as you grow. Built upon Azure Cognitive Services, Blue Panda enables you to leverage your analytics with absolute power and confidence.


Faster Profitability. Better Experiences.

Scaling contact centers have many hurdles. Communicating clearly and effectively with your customers should never be one of them. Blue Panda brings increased value to your teams and client base simultaneously while eliminating hurdles in a customizable way.


Manage more. Satisfy more.

Inside of a thriving BPO, the need to maintain uniformity is key. Whether it’s reporting, customer satisfaction, or transparent communication, uniformity must be met. Blue Panda takes it to another level by utilizing cloud-based technology that is customizable to your uniform-specific needs.


Their terms on your terms.

Blue Panda enables you to connect with your clients on common ground, and in a responsive manner that bolsters positive experiences and customer loyalty. Learn how our cloud-based platform turns down the noise while turning up efficiency.


Streamline Satisfaction. Decrease Spend.

Maintaining the highest levels of efficiency inside contact centers is an ongoing battle. Improvements while keeping the customer happy is a delicate balance. Blue Panda bolsters capability instantly, effectively, and with a simplicity that drives beautiful results.